Hi girls! It’s me Missy! I just feel that I need to share this with you.. I was in love with “this guy” for a couple of years, without him really notice me.. (This was a really hard time for me) I first saw him at a collage party, and I just felt that - “I REALLY WANT HIM” In fact I HAVE TO GET HIM!!! I’ve never been good, picking up guys.. Somehow I seem to fuck up somewhere in the process.. Maybe I'm a bit goofy? But I knew that I wanted to fight for this guys attention.. So, I tried a couple of things in order to hopefully make him notice me.. You know, dressing up, put on some stylish make-up, where a bit too short skirt.. NOTHING... I started to think he wasn’t really in to women?? Until that is, I saw him with a brunette.. I know this girl, and I know that she’s good with her verbal skills.


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